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Happy Entrepreneurship

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Attain Happy Success

My friend Hitesh was extremely successful.

Until he had a stroke at age 42.

Since then he has been bed ridden. Unable to enjoy the benefits of the millions that he made.

Don't let that happen to you.

Don't become successful at the risk of losing your health and peace of mind.

Join the Baselook Movement and learn to become a happy entrepreneur.

Here is what happens inside our community:

Day 1: Join Baselook with a Business Buddy. You will have to go through the IKIGAI Video today and discuss your IKIGAI with your business buddy as well as share your notes and thoughts in the group.

Day 2: After watching the Blue Ocean Strategy Video, you are expected to write down your Blue Ocean Strategy and share it with your business buddy.

Day 3: Today we unleash pre-eminence and look at 4 different ways to dominate your market. At the end of the day, you will be sharing notes with your buddy.

Day 4. This is your ROI based Marketing day and you will learn how to use the power LinkedIn, Meta, TikTok, Youtube, Google Ads, SEO and Native to take your startup to a whole new level.

Day 5: Once your business starts to get leads and sales, you will have to master Customer Experience Management and that is what we do on this day.

Day 6: We look at the unwanted expenses in your business and master Lean Startup Methodology on Day 6. You will also compare notes with your buddy.

Day 7: Entrepreneurs have a different Mindset and on Day 7 we are going to look at the Success Mindset and see if everything is aligned.

Day 8: Today is your Financial Literacy Day and we look at charts and formulas to keep your business on track.

Day 9 to Day 29: You compare note with your business buddy, take part in the weekly webinars and ongoing conversations in the community. This is your chance to ask questions and get answers from experts.

Day 30: You will receive your first lead from the community and will have the opportunity to jumpstart your business.

Get Leads

If you have been struggling to get leads, Baselook will provide you leads every month. This can take your business to a whole new level.

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You will Have to Speak

We believe you cannot build a successful company unless you become a thought leader in your industry. That is why you will be forced to make presentation and speak in front of other members.

“If you are a shy introvert, baselook will be the push that will make you fly.”


There is Nowhere to Hide

Everyone who joins the Baselook community will have to find a Business Buddy and both of you will have keep yourself accountable on achieving weekly targets.

Only Givers Gain

Every month you will have access to leads in the Baselook Community but for every lead that you take, you will have to provide one lead to the community.

Sales Goals

Every week you and your business buddy have to present results on how you are doing with your weekly sales goals and achievements.

Monthly Goals

You will be forced to achieve weekly sales goals and monthly vision goals to remain as an active member of the Baselook Community.

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