How One Simple SEO Trick Increased Sales by $1M

You might have heard that SEO is good for generating Leads.

But its also good for increasing sales.

In fact, if done correctly it can add an extra $1M to your bottom line, just like it did for our client.

They are into dehumidifiers.

But they only import dehumidifiers and install it for clients who store medicines and other perishable goods in controlled temperature warehouses.

The Cold Chain Management industry is extensive but our client was always behind their OEM on Google.

Which meant when people searched for this brand on google, their OEM used to popup as they had more domain authority and relevance when compared to our client.

No matter how much on-page SEO we did for the client or backlinks that we built, the OEM stood rock-like on the No.1 Position.

Then it struck us like a ton of bricks.

We could use Conversational SEO to beat the OEM.

The OEM had more domain authority, content relevance, age and backlinks but they did not have a community that could create a buzz around them.

I reached out to 3 members in the DMD Group.

One member had 750K followers on LinkedIn, another member had 100K Insta Followers and a third member was running a YouTube channel with 550K subs.

Together, we had an audience of 1.5 million people in the region and one short piece of content by 4 members talking about the brand, was enough to tickle the Google Crawler.

The content was interesting and the traffic from social channels had very low bounce rate on the client’s website. As you know, this is a major ranking factor.

A few days later, the Googlebot crawled, indexed and ranked the site on the top position of Google – well above the OEM.

As the brand was already well known, sales started trickling in and then turned into a flood of enquiries.

Now, the client has another problem – they need to hire more people to handle all these deliveries, installation, checkup and maintenance.

But its a good problem to have.

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